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Balanserat, dual mono, DC-kopplat ...

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Audio Analogue was born in that beautiful part of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between experts of high fidelity, electronic engineers specialized in various fields of electronic design and sales managers with years of experience in various sectors could only create the base of what is Audio Analogue today: a company, but mostly a brand among the most renowned in Italy and around the world to satisfy the palates of the most demanding audiophiles.

Technical description

Inductive power supply to reduce any type of disturb from the mains to the line stage, zero global feedback from input to output, fully differential circuit (differential input and differential output) with discrete components dual-mono configuration, digital volume control without operational amplifiers, relay input switches to minimize non-linearity, oversized military resistors to minimize thermal distortion, "Audiograde" capacitors based on Airtech specification, microcontroller management, Airtech internal wiring and gold plated connectors.
Technical features
RCA inputs
XLR inputs
Unbalanced outputs
Balanced outputs
Input impedance
Unbalanced output gain
Balanced output gain
11 dB
Frequency response (attenuation 0.5dB)
Unbalanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz)
Unbalanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz) - A weighted
Balanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz)
Balanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz) - A weighted
SNR(0dB/A weighted/ref. 2Vrms) - unbalanced output
SNR(0dB/A weighted/ref. 2Vrms) - balanced output
Standby power consumption(230VAC)
140x450x380 mm
12 Kg

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