Acoustic Signature Tango mkIII Expand

Acoustic Signature Tango mkIII

Acoustic Signature Acoustic Signature


Acoustic Signatures minsting är en solid pjäs med små mått men matchvikt på 2,1 kg

Extremt välbyggd känns den helt rätt till spelare upp i prisklasser mot 40 000kr

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16 900 kr


The Acoustic Signa­ture Tango MK3 phono preamp­lifier defi­nitely plays like a big one: The reso­nance-opti­mized, anti-mag­netic chassis is made of a solid alu­minum block. The double-sided circuit board is exclu­sively equip­ped with quality compo­nents from esta­blished brand manu­factu­rers and lay­outed in SMD design to keep the signal paths as short as possible.

In order to ensure abso­lute power stability and no risk of inter­feren­ces with the phono signal, our over-dimen­sioned power supply is external. The RIAA equa­liza­tion of the Tango MK3 deli­vers extre­mely accurate values with a maxi­mum devia­tion of less than 0.2 dB from the ideal curve! The com­plex circuit design features addi­tional local elec­trolytic capa­citors for stabi­lization and an effec­tive sub­sonic filter that guaran­tees minimal distortion as well as maxi­mum hum and noise reduction. With its selec­table gain and DIP switch for load impe­dance confi­gu­ration the Tango MK3 also offers a variety of adjust­ment options for many MC and all MM cartridges.


  • Phono pre­ampli­fier for MC, MI & MM cart­ridges
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized and anti­mag­netic alu­minum chassis
  • Precise RIAA and extre­mely low distor­tion due to quality components
  • Extremely low hum & noise due to short signal paths
  • External, over-dimen­sioned power supply
  • Subsonic filter against low-fre­quency inter­fe­rences
  • 2 selectable gain steps
  • Adjustable load impe­dance via DIP switch

Amplification: MM: 40 ­dB,
MCH/MCL: 60­ dB
Input connection: RCA, MM/MC selectable
Output connection: unbalanced RCA
Operation voltage (external power supply): 24­ V­ DC
Channel separation: > 89­ dB (1­ kHz)
RIAA-accuracy: ±­0.2 ­dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: MM: 83 ­dB,
MC: 65­ dB
Subsonic filter: yes
Dimension (WxDxH): 162 x 98 x 57­ mm
Weight: 2.1­ kg
Finish: Silver (anodized)
Warranty: 2 years

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