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The 082 integrated amplifier is a direct descendant of Burmester’s larger 032 integrated amplifier. It fits seamlessly into the long line of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning power amplifiers 909, 911, 956 and 036. Despite a slightly smaller power supply in comparison to the 032, the integrated amplifier 082 offers impressive capabilities and almost equals the outstanding sound of the bigger model. The powerful and warm yet detailed sound is the result of a special circuit layout based on balanced, DC-coupled amplification sections. The 082 integrated amplifier combines outstanding sound with easy to understand operation in a convincingly versatile device. The simple operating concept allows easy access to a multitude of different functions.


Display and control elements are located on the front panel milled from solid aluminum. Thanks to this expensive use of material sensitive amplification circuitry is hermetically shielded from any digital signal interferences. The system is continuously kept cool by the proven heat sinks with their characteristic cooling fins, which give all power and integrated amplifiers in the Burmester portfolio their distinctive looks.


Sophisticated computer technology is used to measure, select and pair critical components before assembling them by hand into hardware modules. These modules are then individually tested and carefully checked against a reference device. This extraordinarily tough testing process stands behind the high reliability of Burmester components.

Concept and commitment to quality

The integrated amp 082 combines outstanding sound features with simple and logical controlling in a multifunctional device. The concept of logical controlling allows easy ac- cess to the various functions. The damping factor remains very high throughout the full frequency and listening range even under full load. Like all Burmester ampli ers the 082 has to pass a number of stringent tests. Initially, critical components are measured, selec- ted and paired with the aid of computers and only then combined to a subassembly. Each one of these modules is tested and checked against a reference setup. After the assemblyhas been completed each component is subjected to an automated test procedure with anaudio analyzer, which consists of app. 300 individual measurements. Each component has to conform exactly to the reference con guration. Following that, all units are being burnt- in at normal load non-stop for at least 5 days. After this demanding procedure every one has to pass the same battery of tests with the audio analyzer again. Only if the second set of measurements is identical to the rst the unit will be released to nal assembly. Only this unusually stringent test procedure ensures the outstanding reliability of Burmester compo- nents. Finally, each unit has to pass a manual functions and listening test. After a nal visual inspection the components are readied for shipping.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (WxHxD):  482 mm x 177 mm x 490 mm 19 x 7 x 19.3 inches

Weight: app. 25 kilos / app. 55 lbs
Rated power output: 2 x 150 W (4Ω) / 2 x 100 W (8Ω)

Damping factor:  >1000

Signal-to-noise ratio: >96 dB

Input sensitivity: adjustable (-9 to 0 to +9)

Frequency response: 3-100kHz (-3dB, band-limited)

Rise time: 23V/μs at 4 Ω

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