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Du kan ha dubbla armar eller dubbla vinylspelare samtidigt. Steget lagrar inställningarna.

Autoadjust höger-vänster signalnivå

Auto MM/MC avkänning

Option: kör direkt till slutsteg med analog volym

Köp till AD-omvandlare för att lagra dina skivor på NAS

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139 000 kr


The Phono Preamp 100 is probably the world’s most comprehensive Phono Pre Amp avaialble. A key feature never achieved before is the ability to professionally digitalize analogue records.

Burmester’s new Phono Preamp 100 is a highlight for all analogue-fans. The 100 is a reference to the successful Phono Preamp 838 from the 80’s. The final result is a return to the roots of Burmester’s story of success, combined with state of the art technology from the 21st century. The Phono Preamp 100 was designed to provide record-fans with an ultimate sound quality and a digital preservation of their tonal treasures. 

The Phono Preamp 100 aligns carefully selected building parts, circuit technology and precise engineering with faultless analogue sound. It represents the perfect intersection between the processing of finest analogue signals and practice-oriented technology. With this device, it is possible to transmit your analogue record collection in the highest-possible resolution to a server, a hard drive or directly to a CD recorder. The SNR has the best level which is possible. All measurements of the phono preamp attain the absolute minimum that can be realized in theory and practice. Thus, in all probability they represent the state of the art at present and in the long term.

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