Jag har tydligen fått en lite större skara utländska följare på sociala medier, så denna text skrivs på engelska.

A short reflection on a saturday afternoon between customers. 


It's friday evening. 

Got home from work. Played with the kids. Ate Friday night typical swedish dinner, made the kids ready for bed, and here we are. The dishes are done, my fiancée watches her shows upstairs and the kids are sleeping.  

At home I’m listening to a really cheap stereo. When you have small kids, there isn’t that much time to enjoy music at home, so for some years now I haven’t had a stereo at home at all. The kids are a little older now and know to stay away for daddy’s speakers. 

So I had some old Qln Signature from early -90s laying around, and some old amplifier and cd player. Old, but still decent for it's age. 

You really recognize the Qln sound immediately. Time aligned and a scene that reaches for miles out. When you set them up correct in the room, the speakers disappear and you are left with only the music, the orchestra or the person standing in front of you singing. Everything else goes out the window. For the money, they sound great. 

Today it’s Saturday. 

I came to my store in the morning and hooked up the Qln Prestige Five. Played a bit to warm up the stereo and made myself a nice cup of coffee, and sat down. Volume up.  

Is comparing 30 year old Signatures with a current model that costs a huge amount more money really relevant? Sure it’s the same brand, but there can’t be much of the same character left today? Right? 


Well, well...

It’s the same as in my basement... but just SOOO much more. Just so immensely much more of everything. There is so much more detail and warmth in the Prestige Five’s, and boy can they pack a punch! (Sure, it would be a damn shame if they wouldn’t be better). 

But it’s there. It really is there. The same dna all down to its essence core. It’s the music that matters. Everything about Qln is about bringing forward the music. Everything about the design is taken into account and implemented to make them sound better. Time aligned and a dead, pyramid shaped cabinet doesn’t make it the sexiest speaker in the world, but that doesn’t matter when you hear that first tone... 

Qln has stayed true to its values. Mats always talks about controlling the resonances. Controlling the cabinet, crossover, internal cabling and the drivers. “Per, the only thing that should move in a speaker is the driver”, Mats always says. It was true when Qln started, and it’s true today. 

It’s time to go up and spend some time with my lovely fiancée and maybe have another glass of wine. But those speakers in my store... 


They leave a mark. Right in the middle of my heart.