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Fy tusan vilken bra dac detta är. En nononsens dac, byggd i Schweiz.

Denna omvandlar inte till DSD, eller kodar av MQA, eller tar blåtand, eller det och det och det...

Denna gör en sak: omvandlar ettor och nollor till en analog signal, och den gör det BRA! Nilssons solklara favorit i prisklassen.

- 5 Digitala ingångar.

- XLR/RCA ut.

Höj ljudet ytterligare med Merason POW1 extern nätdel. 

Mer detaljer

14 990 kr


Small, simple and relatively inexpensive for the performance it offers, this DAC is perfect for audiophiles who don’t require a lot of bells and whistles but do want superb sound quality. We found the Swiss-built Merason Frerot to be perfect for streaming Qobuz, and for mating with an equally high-value streamer like the Innuos Zen Mini Mk. 3. Optional Pow1 LPSU ($900), improves sound quality across the board. This is an Editors Choice Awards winner, because one of the editors is giving the Frerot a permanent home.

Editors Choice Awards 2021.

- Part-Time Audiophile.

Frérot. Small in appearance, great sound.

The frérot creates the big audiophile experience for the small budget! Equipped with the same technology as its big brother, the DAC1, it brings everything you need to bring the music stage into your living room – or your second home – or your houseboat – or to your workplace.

"At this point I was ready to say that the Merason Frerot was easily the best DAC experience I’ve had at home. Solid digital sound, plenty of color and texture to the music, some extraordinary imaging and soundstaging fireworks as I mentioned, and an ease of use that simply hasn’t been matched".

"The Merason Frerot DAC and its LPSU mark an even more important step toward my unfettered comfort in the face of awesome technology. I am not afraid. Reviewer’s Choice Award, please. Put it right here".

- Parttimeaudiophile.

"Those wanting a no-frills, high-performance DAC that doesn't take up half their system rack should give it a serious look – and listen. Even if you're not short of space, it's still one of the finest sounding digital converters around near its price right now."

David Price, StereoNet UK, August 2021

"It simply makes the music sound beautiful, it sounds real and authentic".

Lyssna vad Ron Brenay från New Record Day har att säga om Merason Frérot.

Specifications MERASON frérot

Output: max. 4 V RMS (balanced), max. 2 V RMS (unbalanced).

Frequency Response: 20 Hz bis 20 kHz +/- 0.2 dB.

THD+N: < 0.006 %.

SNR: > 120 dB.

DAC: BurrBrown 1794A, discrete I/V stage.

Power Supply 9V DC, 12 W via enclosed external power supply unit. Enclosed external power supply unit 100V to 240V AC / 50 to 60 Hz, 40W.

Operation Ambient temperature 10°C to 30°C, 50°F to 86°F. Humidity max. 80 %, non-condensing. During operation, the device heats up by approx. 15 K compared to the ambient.

Input format 44.1 kHz@16 bit, 44.1 kHz@24 bit. 48 kHz@16 bit, 48 kHz@24 bit. 88.2 kHz@24 bit. 96 kHz@24 bit. 176.4 kHz@24 bit. 192 kHz@24 bit.

Dimensions Width: 22.5 cm, 8.86 In Height: 5 cm, 1.97 In Depth: 18 cm, 7.1 In Weight: 995 g, 2.2 lbs (DAC), 200 g, 0.44 lbs (power supply).

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